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I appreciate all the effort that has gone into the organization of the Giant, but I have a couple of things that might enhance the site for everyone.

1. The announcements at the top of each thread have gotten really long in some cases. You have to scroll an entire screen to get to the posts. Would it be possible to build a section of the site that is a FAQ or Need to Know and post these things there after a week or two? Some exceptions would be posting rules in the sales area (which aren't really adhered to overall) which should remain in their respective threads.

2. A section dedicated to where to find portfolios, other storage, restorers, framing, etc... I realize Hit & Miss is supposed to fill this function, but I'm thinking with a section just for the recurring questions, we could build a better resource for members. Perhaps the threads here would be permanent.

How to store prints
Where to get storage
How to ship prints
Framing supply
How to DIY Frame
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Combine the ideas; Start in on the FAQ and include all of your suggestions in section 2 within it (summaries of relevant threads and links to the master threads will probably do). We'll make it a file in the Wiki, list you-- or whatever support team you put together-- as its author, and put pointers to it in the forum.

Good idea.
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OK, so first off, I need some people to help build the FAQ.


Where can I get a print restored?
How do you store prints before framing them?
Where to buy storage materials?
How to ship prints?
How to DIY frames?
Framing Supplies?
How to report shill bidding on eBay?
How much is my print worth?
Why can't I post about Jet Set Graffiti on
What is flipping? Why are people calling me flipper?
How many prints can I buy on OG for each run?
I didn't get an invoice, will I still get my print?
I got two invoices, will I get both prints?
What are the best Obey prints by year?
How do I post photos?
I just scored the latest release, can I sell it now?
What is a serigraph, what is a silkscreen, a lithograph?
What does HPM mean?
What is the difference between an HPM and a Stencil Collage?
Where can I buy prints besides OG?
I'm new to collecting Shep's art what advice do you have?
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This ever happen? I wouldn't mind helping out and would also like to know that answer to some of the questions
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