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Should there be a thread that keeps track of instant flippers

Poll ended at Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:34 am

Total votes : 30

I think most ppl on here get a little irked by the fact that seconds after a print sells out there are dozens on ebay/EB. So I got to thinking that maybe if there was a thread that kept tabs on the constant offenders, sort of the forums version of the mysterious blacklist, we could a) avoid supporting the chronic offenders (lets face it we all get shutout and have to look on the secondary mkt sometimes) b) help the obey team with the "blacklist" c) maybe use the power of shame to cut back on these shenanigans
obviously the time of what is considered an instant flip is somewhat ambiguous, but as far as I see it you sell it within a month of receipt, you obviously bought it only for the flip

Thoughts? Too big brother-y? What say you oh wise posse...

Note to mods: put this here to capture more eyeballs, feel free move it to the questions section if you choose
Propaganda Engineer
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Big no; who makes the decision who goes on the list? Do list members have to get a number tattoo'd on their wrists?
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Optimus Rabbit
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I just don't see the purpose of this. There are thousands of fans who have no clue this board even exists and will still buy from the insta-flippers regardless. Anyone who has been around for long enough knows to buy on eBay a few weeks/months after it's been sold because the price will have bottomed out. I loathe authority and see this an extension of the man!
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Insert beating dead horse gif.
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Carbon-Based Wastage
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+1 who would care about this list? either you buy one on ebay the day it sells out or you don't. if you do that's your choice and i'm sure all those people that do are very happy to be parted with their money.
on point like a decimalist?
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Gigantico wrote:Insert beating dead horse gif.

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Carbon-Based Wastage
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A bit too big brotherish for me. I like the OG policy on flipping but it is theirs to enforce. If there are chronic offenders OG has the resources to identify them. Just buy a print off eBay. Once word got out that OG was randomly buying prints off ebay to catch flippers, flippers would think twice.
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Mono Enojado
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Ok, seems noone sees value in this. Feel free to lock, delete, or leave as mods see fit
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Moved, closed. Won't be happening.
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admonkey wrote:Moved, closed. Won't be happening.

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I think I started this
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