Prints not cut to 18x24

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Vespa Print
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only one i ever had issues with was my jaws wave ap. Sold it because i didnt have a flat file at the time and was was worried about it getting beat up. if i remember it was like 1/4" off
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My Dark Wave - cream, seems to be .25 off. Never framed it up.
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my partisan seems to be that way as well.
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I had a Mandala ornament that was an 1/8" too big for the frame so I took a razor and yardstick to it. Problem solved.
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Ugh, the Jordan large format prints are deckled and the edges make the pieces larger than my 24x36 portfolio can handle...
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My Relief for Haiti print didn't fit into a standard 18x24 frame. First Fairey I bought in ages too... Must save $ for "proper" framing I guess.
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Print sizes didn’t really standardize to the now familiar 18x24 until 1998.
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