BLOCK THIS EBAY BIDDER/SCAMMER (new feedback rule casualty)

UPS got you down? eBay making you cry? Need to rant? Do it here.
hello and sorry for the caps lock in the title, let alone the nature of this, my 1st post...but ANYONE who sells Obey stuff on ebay should be aware of/block this moron from bidding on your auctions.

for those of you who don't read expressobeans and may have missed this...

with these new ebay rules re: feedback, its only a matter of time until the scammers emerge, right?

this fella claimed the OBEY Radiohead prints i sent him were fake, then left me a negative before i could get a clarification or further reply from him...

ebay name: skyward2002

with the new ebay rules re: feedback,im guessing i'm screwed, and obviously can't even leave him a feedback comment in return. i can only reply to his comment in my feedback as a follow up response. what bullplop.

i recommend you all block him from bidding on your auctions, and also share the names in this thread of people who pull similar garbage...i have no desire to deal with these people who not only look for something on the back end (and those are a plenty,too) but try to rip you off entriely!!!
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Yes total bullcorn. Same thing happened to me over shipping charges. Sent one message to me over a holiday wekend. I come back from camping and i have neg. feedback. Such BS. Shipping charges were listed in auction and gave him half off on shipping for second print.The guy is like whatever, you charged me 8 dollars more than you paid the post office. Here's your neg feedback. :evil:
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