Ever changing frame specs from OG

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Not sure if this is a rant or not, but as an FYI to other collectors of HPM LP covers, I wanted to post.

LP covers from White Walls show are shadow boxed framed at 16.5 inches (outside frame size). New LP covers from Deitch Projects are framed at 18 inches (outside frame size). The frame itself appears to be the same 2" deep ash, just the 'matte' size has changed. Probably irrelevant if you don't hang your covers together, but looks effed up if you do.

I'm working on getting the frame spec for the newer framing from Castelli and will post it here in case anyone wants to reframe their old covers with their local framer to match the newer ones.
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frames on canvases are different too. Same wood, but...new frames are deeper and thinner.
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