USPS is the worst (2016)

UPS got you down? eBay making you cry? Need to rant? Do it here.
I see that no one has posted any shipping issues recently, and I do not want anyone to think that USPS is showing any improvement in their customer experience just because the forum has been quiet.


My ordeal begins on Feb. 5 when another user on this board and I made a deal for a few prints that he was looking to unload. He brought the prints that he had agreed to sell me (and that I paid him for) to the post office and sent them 2 day priority mail. After 3 or 4 days the seller and I communicated how odd it was that I hadn't received the prints yet; but at that time we thought the northeast snowstorms of last week maybe delayed the delivery. We have a USPS tracking number, but at this point it still hadnt been updated since its initial status of "picked up" (in TX). Finally, on the 11th, 5 days after the original package was sent I decided to call the USPS customer service (I now use this term loosely!) and I was told by a customer service agent that my package was on a truck in the neighboring town to mine in CT, and I would have it that day or the next. That night, the status of my package was updated; but not saying that it was in CT; but that it was in Puerto Rico at an international processing station! (I should say that by this point the seller; who has been great during this; had opened a ticket with USPS) When I saw this new status update the next morning I called USPS back, and when I got an agent on the phone, the agent laughed when I laid out the situation at hand (which is infuriating!)...he told me "I'll bet they saw Berlin, and thought it was going to Germany!" (I live in Berlin, CT) which I responded with "so was being told that i would have the package yesterday or today a complete fabrication?" to which he responded "it appears so; but I am pretty sure it will be on a truck out of there tonight" this point I had to hang up because unless there is a new bridge between Puerto Rico & the mainland that I hadn't heard about, I don't want it on a truck! So here we are; 8 days into this, and the prints have successfully made it to ANOTHER facility in no resolution in site.

I feel like USPS is not taking me seriously, but just trying to appease me and move on to the next customer; and its really the worst.

Sorry for rambling, but this was a pretty big financial purchase, and I dont feel like I am having a satisfying experience with the postal service at all.

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They do suck, but they are something like a quarter o the price of every other option.
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Do some research and find out the phone number for the USPS Consumer Affairs office in your area. They are just as hard to get ahold of, but once you do they are way more responsive. They've helped me quite a bit in the last few months ... especially with tubes around Christmas time.
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Or file a complaint on USPS website. You have to register and submit detail information. Hopefully it was all insured and you can provide proof of damaged if there is any. What a head ache. I've had to deal with a similar situation where prints stay at a facility for days before moving. And then then tube and print was damaged during all that time. Took me 2 months to get refund. Although I now know how to submit a file for a refund. Smh.
Also noticed USPS tracking is horrible now, more than before. I Received priority mail late and tracking not complete upon delivery a lot. :|

Good luck man!!!! May the poster gods be with you!!! :?
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FWIW, I send hundreds of tubes out every year. USPS has never lost one. They always show up. Granted they may have taken a short vaca in Bethpage :D
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Thanks for the responses everyone! I am happy to report that all's well that ends well. A few days after writing the original post the tube with my prints showed up; undamaged and I guess I have to be grateful for that! At the time that I wrote my original post I was literally at my wits end; sorry if it came off as overly dramatic. In the future, if I ever have a similar situation I will read this thread to calm my nerves. 8)
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