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Looking for some information about what company you used and what you think works best for shipping larger and more expensive pieces with the best results - Thanks!
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How large of a piece?

I am a big fan of FedEx Ground personally. Affordable, and safe (provided the art is packaged properly).
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I've gotten large art from Martin Lawrence Gallery via Senderex Cargo Inc. I'm not sure of their availability in your area. They sub-contracted to a local delivery service to complete the shipment from the local airport.

Regarding Fedex Ground, it's the same service as Fedex Home (both are the same ground shipping with different names). If you are shipping to a residence, FH, is probably the worst shipping I've ever seen. In my area, packages are recorded as delivered and then show up days later (if at all). The stress is enormous when you are dealing with something you really care about or is time sensitive. I will not not purchase from vendors that use Fedex Home as a result.
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Nice thread. For larger pieces I would also probably use FedEx, but the best insurance is an extremely sturdy pack job. I would always prefer to use USPS if the piece is small enough to ship through them. Also, if you are insuring a smaller piece for a high value it is cheaper to use express and get overnight service than it is to ship via priority. Express has better insurance rates.
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For big stuff I typically get the piece crated first and many of the cases they will ship as well. I just had a pretty smooth transaction with PA company called Craters & Freighters. Came to my spot, brought it back to their warehouse to be created then shipped by UPS in my instance it was much less then going FedEx. What's nice about using a combo freighter / shipper is they will us a true third party sold insurance company for the work instead of the normally bullgarbage going through USPS, UPS, FEDEx, etc. And since they are the pro's at packaging / crating the big mail houses take their garbage seriously.
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Almost all online selling companies work in accordance with different courier partners agreeing to the terms and conditions. They always prefer cheaper and safer same day delivery Dallas for satisfying their customers. Even overnight services are also useful. Thanks to them for providing prime shipping options too.
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