Shipping 20+ prints?

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So I got someone over at EB that wants to buy 21 of my prints I have for sale.

What would be the best/cheapest way to ship them to him?

Would it be better to ship all together flat? or in maybe multiple tubes? I don't think it would be wise to roll 21 prints together.

All suggestions would be appreciated!
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If they are all the same size, I would wrap them up and ship them flat.
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Molotov Man wrote:If they are all the same size, I would wrap them up and ship them flat.
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yup, get a box, get some reinforcement for the edges (3/4 inch foamcore works great) and pack them up nice and tight!
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Definitely ship them flat, before you put them in the box, its good to wrap them in a plastic wrap like cling film. (i think you guys call that shrink wrap?)
Anyway, its like that, you can get it from places like staples or post office maybe. With only that many prints, probably a good idea to put a piece of thick card or cardboard either side of the prints and then wrap the plastic wrap around it nice and tight, so they dont move around in the box.

Edit: just seen above post, foamcore is probably best.
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Would it make sense to put a piece of wax paper between each print for safety?
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-i did this once.... i actually wrapped 4-5 prints in a tube, and the took the 4 tubes and put them in a cardboard box and shipped them all together. flat would not work for me because the prints were all different sizes.... ec
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