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UPS got you down? eBay making you cry? Need to rant? Do it here.
I felt like I needed to rant about this and thought this would be the spot to do it.

So a few weeks ago I saw on facebook Obeys post about looking for a spot in downtown Chicago for an installation. So I sent the information to my good friends fiances brother, who co-owns a tattoo shop called the "code of conduct" downtown. He sends Obey information yadayadayada they choose his place for the installation. He doesn't even tell me his place was chosen, I find out from my buddy who's engaged to his sister. I email him and he doesn't give me any ideas about when the install is gonna take place ect. ( I understand its suppose to be secret and they don't want a huge crowd gathered watching them) but come on, I mean I feel like the least he could have done was let me know when they were going to do the install. I guess thats what I get for being nice.

Here is the link ... stallation
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Wow..very neat piece...I gotta go check it out! Thanks for the post, sucks that you didnt get the inside about the crew coming to town (neither did I, so that makes two)
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Love it
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That's fooxed up!
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no good deed goes unpunished
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