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I have been a huge fan of LeBasse Projects and spent a great deal of money with them over the years and all of late I have had items held hostage by them, not been able to get emails returned ( they have just been ignored ) and rarely have been able to get a text message replied to. Well I had a sculpture shipped to me and it arrived damaged, I mailed it back and was told even though it was a edition that no more were available. 5 months later I learn the gallery is offering one of the sculptures to a fellow client who I know. I confront the gallery about it and I am told they will make it right, Months pass and countless emails go to the gallery where I am told 1. The item will ship when the Gallery owner returns. then 2. The package is ready to ship but the gallery owner is at fairs ( why can only the owner ship not sure ). 3. Finally they even confirm my address for shipping which never happens. While this is taking place I inquire about having an artist do some hand finishing to a print which I purchased and was still at LeBasse gallery. I am told nothing can move forward till after the artist is done getting ready with his show. Well his show is completed and coming down I have emailed regarding the print and sculpture and still no response ( please keep in mind this is over a 10 plus month period ). I have sent my address, offered a fedex and UPS account number for shipping all to be ignored. I even inquired about the availability of the artists show and prints which the gallery has available as I know only half the show was sold, and still no reply regarding any of it.

This is a gallery I had a very good relationship with, when I learned of the sculpture issue I was still looking to do business, then I learn the sculpture which I was told was ready to ship, packed to ship and going to ship was offered to a customer at the most recent show opening shows me two things, one this gallery can not be trusted at least by me, and two they are not interested in taking my money so they must not be effected by the current economy.
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Never had a reply to my emails too.. I thought they're good
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