FORUM AUCTION: Stalin 1998 63/100

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What: Obey Stalin 63/100 Unframed
Opening bid: $2000
Reference for opening bid: August 2021 eBay sale for $2000 (sourced from Worthpoint).
Auction Starts: 12:30PM Pacific, Today, Friday, January 7th
Auction Ends: 3PM Pacific, Thursday, January 13th

Details: Original owner, purchased from

Condition: Very good+. This print has been stored flat in a portfolio. Square corners with no pinholes. Light discoloring in upper left corner/white border and a bit of gunk in a few places on back.

Shipping: Will ship international from Seattle within 24 hours of auction ending. Buyer responsible for shipping charges. Default US shipping costs are $15.00. International shipping costs, expedited shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Payment: Venmo unless otherwise agreed upon. BUYER must pay within 12 hours. OTHERWISE, seller has the right to take the offer of whoever was under you.

Bidding: To bid, reply to the thread with the amount of your bid (starting with the opening price), additional bids must raise by a $25 minimum bid raising increment.

Winning: Winner is the bidder holding the highest bid at time of auction close.

No Snipe rule: If a bid is made within the last 9 minutes and 59 seconds of the auction’s scheduled closing time, Popcorn Bidding kicks in. Popcorn or dynamic bidding automatically extends the scheduled closing time for an auction item by 10 minutes after a bid is placed. Each subsequent bid resets the clock to allow bids to be made for another 10 minutes. Once there has been no bidding activity for 10 minutes, the bidding is considered completed and no further bidding is accepted. The auction for the item is then closed and the person who placed the highest bid wins the item. Sale is final: NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS.

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