Has anyone dealt with Addict on the forum? Questions inside

UPS got you down? eBay making you cry? Need to rant? Do it here.
First off let me say that this posts intent is to get Addict to answer my PM's.

On Dec 16th Addict paypaled me money for a print which I promptly shipped to him on the Dec 17th. I sent USPS, insured, with signature confirmation.

The print had arrived to his residence with an attempt to deliver and notice left.

I have since tried to contact Addict to let him know the print needs to picked up on 3 different occasions via PM with no reply.

Addict please pick up your print from the post office, it is waiting for you.

My following question is what do I do from here? If the buyer never picks up his print do I have to refund his money? Do I call USPS and get the print mailed back to me? Return to sender? Am I getting scammed?

Any advise would be helpful.

Have a happy holidays,
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Addict is a solid member here I wouldn't worry. It is the holiday season and the Post Office is jammed and folks are traveling and busy. Try eamiling him directly using the email addy provided by paypal.

Happy holidays to you too!
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thanks, resolved! :lol:
please lock and happy new years folks!
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