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There are a lot of things going on in the world. Hot spots everywhere. Something I hate is when people take one issue and try to compare it to another unrelated issue...for example, I've seen way too many people on various social media sites say something along the lines of 'well Obama changes the name of a mountain, meanwhile people are dying in Syria'. I'm hoping this doesn't sound like that.

Half or the last prints since March have been about oil (not counting offset, LP, or Jett. Oil consumption & oil profiteering are huge concerns I agree, but why is it hammered so hard now by Obey in general? There are half a dozen other domestic social issues that could be covered or mentioned, nevermind international crises going on. I'm not an artist and it's of course easy to throw words around from the cheap seats, but I think the art should be better and more varied. This isn't so much about hands or too many fonts than about quality vs quantity. I have to say I was disheartened to see the last wave print. There have been loads of great wave prints, each with a specific purpose in mind...this was just a wave print for the sake of a wave print. It just didn't feel that inspired.

My humble suggestions for future prints:
-Something to benefit UNESCO (or at least draw attention to them). Palmyra has been in the news a lot for its destruction, but a lot of other sites are facing serious economic threat thanks to funding going down in general for the dept. A big source of this is the US pulling funding as a way of punishment for UNESCO recognizing Palestine.
-Migrant situation in Europe
-Infrastructure problems in the US
-General mockery of corruption in the Olympics and the hurt it causes states in acquiring them (thank god Boston said no).
-address racism in some form
-address our own migration situations and the out-crazying of potential conservative candidates. Really hoping for some kind of juicy political work.

I'm sure other smart people on here have more thoughts on potential topics they'd like to see covered.

That said, I still tune in on a regular basis to see what drops next and to see banter from people. Fingers crossed on a Marilyn LP.
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New stuff will come, it always does. A lot of things have been done on immigration. I think a couple infrastructure prints would be cool. A dilapidated bridge or crumbling road with some Obey stuff pasted on.
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