USPS stuck in transit, delayed to destination?

UPS got you down? eBay making you cry? Need to rant? Do it here.
So I have a problem.

I recently sold a pretty expensive piece of artwork to someone in Washing DC from LA through eBay. I accidentley put in the wrong tracking for the buyer ( receipt tracking vs RM tracking number). No biggie, just updated that.

It was shipped tracked and insured on October 30th and the item has still not been delivered to the buyer. When I look up the tracking, the last hit on the shipment was on Nov. 5th. So here I am 6 days late when it was arrive Nov. 2nd.

The buyer already put in a dispute for a refund stating they have not received the item. I contacted them. Sent a photo of the receipt, updated the tracking number to the correct one as requested by eBay, contacted eBay CSR and even emailed USPS to open an investigation.

Has anyone been stuck "In Transit to Destination" with an "item delayed"? Any thoughts on this?
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I've had this happen before; but if it makes you feel better I've never had a package disappear forever. Two weeks ago I had an expensive piece go off the grid for a few days (tracking said the label had been initiated but not accepted by USPS for four days after I shipped it - then mysteriously arrived at the destination). There was a govt holiday this week which might have contributed to the delay.

Seems weird that the buyer has already filed a claim with eBay. Keep us posted .. good luck!
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Knowing that PayPal gives such a long window to get your money back as a buyer, I'm kind of surprised the buyer raised a stink so quickly.
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I've had this happen on several occasions with USPS. Usually around the holidays. As long as you do a majority of your communication through eBay you should be fine. Obviously make sure the refund isn't processed before either you or the buyer receives the package.

eBay can really fudge it up in that regard ... I have some war stories.
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Well I filed a claim and a lost package search with USPS. They said that the package is stuck in Washington DC.
Problem is, the buyer opened a claim on eBay and I have to refund by Nov 15th! Talk about impatience!

I’ve already told USPS to just send it back to me if they find it. I already know this is going bad for everybody.
Might as well refund and claim the insurance.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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