Prevent Police Bordem - Ebay auction - Inside job?

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For the above, how is it possible that someone would already have a print so soon after it was released to the public on the obey site. And they have pictures of the real print in front of them. Not just a stock photo. Is it possible that someone at obey is selling this. Otherwise, how would they of gotten a pic of the real deal so quick?
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From the obeygiant Instagram

"In conjunction with the opening of #DIY: The History of Creative Culture in Skateboarding at my gallery @subliminalprojects, I’m releasing a print, as well as a limited edition hand-stenciled version this Saturday, May 19th at the opening reception. I’m DJing throughout the night along with my friend @hawkins_alfred, so stop by, buy a print, and check out the exhibit! Doors open at 7pm. To attend RSVP at"
It's RLBCHEF not ribchef
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Oh, well then, there ya go.

Sorry, my bad.....
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If you read the title and heading for BOTH of these that the dude has for sale, you'll see that he's listed it as a "pre-sale" and doesn't actually have these in hand. Either he had one from the DIY show that he sold previously or he stole someone else's photo. Flippers gonna flip.
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