For Sale: Left Face and Right Face

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For Sale: Left Face and Right Face

Post by Toomuchart »

Hello fellow Giant Posse!

I’m new here but have been following you all for several years watching and admiring your pieces and stories.

In 1998 Shepard had an opening at Houston Gallery in Seattle on Capitol Hill. My girlfriend and I attended this show and saw various works his of which the tryptic Right Face, Center, Left Face was shown. I’d seen Andre popping up around the city and heard of Shepards work from artists, art publications and the graffiti/stencil/paste community. I wanted to purchase the three pieces but couldn’t afford to at the time and was really bummed. Unbeknownst to me my girlfriend had gone back to purchase them for my birthday after the opening. When she went back to Houston Gallery Center was sold out so she purchased Right and Left to make an Andre face. I was blown away! I’ve been a giant (lol) fan and have loved watching Shepards work grow and for him to have success.

I had them in my collection and would take them out to share with people who would appreciate them. Eventually I had them framed professionally and they’ve hung in my house out of direct sunlight and I’ve been enjoying since!

If you’re still reading…here goes:

Ive thought of listing these on EBay or asking a gallery to sell them or something. I haven’t gotten them appraised professionally or paid for a sites past sale price. I want to offer them here first. You all are the real fans.

Left 77/100
Right 14/100
Both signed and dated 96 in pencil
Condition VG to mint.
I’ll post pictures soon with the best lighting I can make.

I have a rough range on what to hope they may be worth. I would appreciate and will entertain offers here.

Steven “Toomuchart”
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Re: For Sale: Left Face and Right Face

Post by bsharp »

Hey Steven,

Those are nice and classic images!

Including your range and the framing details (frame type, mount type, glazing type, etc.) might help people here decide on value... the forum is kind of slow these days, and anything to reduce the barrier to somebody messaging you would likely enable a faster sale. Some photos would be great too!

The market is on the slower side these days, so the going rate will probably be a bit lower than you value them yourself or have seen them hit in the past. Compounding this is that eBay, gallery, or auction fees will take a big bite out of any price you'd settle on. If you held onto them a bit longer you could probably get more, but who knows where the market's headed? And I don't know what sort of timing you're looking at.

Anyway, good luck with the sale!
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Re: For Sale: Left Face and Right Face

Post by dommorin »

How much are you asking for them?
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Re: For Sale: Left Face and Right Face

Post by dolamite24 »

Would love to see some detailed pictures and a rough starting price on this pair!
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